Wednesday, July 2, 2014

4 Website Tips That Will Help Increase Business

Want to know how to improve the conversion rate of those who visit your website? Here are a few quick things you can do for your website that will help increase positive perception of your business. All of these will make it easier to find and contact you.

Search Engine Optimize (SEO) Your Website
Yes, it's one of those buzz words with regards to websites, but it's also very important. SEO is the process of preparing your web pages to be searchable on the internet. Here are some simple things to do:
  • Make sure the title of each page is accurate using your business name first + page title. For example: Eclectic Web Design - Website Tips.
  • Place some key phrases in not just the meta data of the page, but within the content of the page as well. Search engines look for relevance in all places.
  • Make regular revisions to your website. A good way to do this would be a blog. Posting on a blog with your website url attached (ie. is one of the easiest ways to keep the content on your website fresh.
Use a Proper Email Address
To complete the professional look of your website, one must have an email address that uses the same domain name. It's not hard to setup and at least 1 will be free with your web host. Also, this allows you to customize your e-mail address however you want. Using your first name with your domain name makes it a bit more personal for your potential clients vs something like (NOTE: this is not an active e-mail address).

Have a Mobile Website
Do you need one? Of course! 30% of internet traffic is coming from mobile devices. This is including phones and tablets. If you're in an industry where your clients are in the younger range, you MUST have a website that can either convert itself based on the device the user is coming from or a separate site just for mobile devices.
Include Contact Information on Every Page
There are many different types of users, but most of the time, when someone lands on your website, they want to contact you, so why make it hard for them. Including contact info on every page ensures it's always there and ready for them to call or send you a message.

Seem a bit overwhelming? Many times things are much easier and turn out much better if handled by a professional. Contact me if you'd like a quote on any of the items mentioned above.

Lady Autie aka Autra